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Staging and Styling of your home or rental property.

Design does matter, I'll help you create a beautiful rental property that's outfitted for your ideal renter, complete with professional listing photographs.


Product Styling and Photography 

If you have a product that's getting lost in the shuffle or you're terrified of paying an influencer thousands of dollars to take a photo of your product in an unrealistic setting. (IE: Curling their hair and eating pancakes at the same time? Yikes!) 

There's nothing I love more than telling stories with products by taking photos of them in their natural element and best light. As a professional stylist, not an influencer my #1 goal is to help you, not myself.



I strive to bring my community the most insightful and useful content possible. Here you'll find all the tools you need to maintain or create a successful rental property starting with my "Inside The Mind Of A Renter" ebook! It's free to download and is designed to help you not only understand the individuals renting your property but help you better their experiences so that you get a great review with every stay!


Photo by jacoblund/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by jacoblund/iStock / Getty Images


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Interested in a one on one meeting for more information about staging or styling your property or product? Shoot me an email, I'd love to chat with you about your project and the different ways we can approach it in order to get you on the road to success through beautiful aesthetics!


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