About Lauren


I am a Northern Virginia based Home Stager, Redesigner, Tastemaker, Content Creator and proud Introvert.

In 2008 I created a blog called Handcrafted in Virginia where I curated inspirational content as a self proclaimed aesthetic explorer. Cultivating a combined following over 75k people I entered the world of Social Media management first for myself, then for my families remodeling firm and then for a local brewery.

After just 6 months as a content creator and social media manager for the local brewery I became burnt out and creatively exhausted. Knowing that neither this company or the craft beer industry were where my passion was, I left. Feeling a lot like what I can only assume being a failure feels like, tired, and unsure if I could continue with social media at all I unplugged, removing all social media apps from my phone and taking 6 months off. 

In the time that I was unplugged I realized how little I had cared for myself in those 6 months. Neither my house or I looked well and from that moment on I vowed to care properly for us both. After taking an entire month off from work to do so I knew that the design world was where I really loved to be. I then returned to work for my families design firm as a certified Home Stager and Re-designer. 

It is truly my passion to help others realize the importance that their personal space plays in their health and well being. Without a comfortable, functioning kitchen we have little desire to cook for ourselves. Without a tidy, comfortable bedroom how can we possibly relax and sleep well? Without a clean bathroom how can we clean ourselves and implement self care rituals? 

An Introverts Home is a guide for those of us that are too connected, working too hard and recharging our phones more often than we're recharging ourselves.

I'm going to talk in depth about self-care through intentional home decor, design, and conscious consumerism. We'll discuss what all those things are, the importance of caring for your space in order to care for yourself and how to care for both your current and future selves and why it's important to consider both of those people. We'll also discuss why our homes and spaces are so important to us and our health as both introverts and extroverts and how to decorate based on your personality type.

So, Welcome! I am an introvert and this is my home and I helping you understand all that you and your space can be!