Introvert vs. Extrovert, Different Design Needs


I recently re-took the Myers Briggs personality assessment. I already knew I was introverted but I couldn’t remember my other traits for the life of me. It turns out I’m INFJ. Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging. Have you taken the test recently? It brought so much clarity to everything, especially to how and why I decorate my home the way I do.

Introverts need to spend time alone to recharge so they often create little spaces like reading nooks or areas away from all the action. Aside from our bedroom the spot above is my absolute favorite to unwind in. On the other side of the spectrum Extroverts love to create spaces for entertaining and often welcome drop-in visits, take pride in their guest rooms and love for their friends to stay close by. Although I love my friends I must admit.. we don’t have a guest room.. or even a pull out couch. 

I do decorate my home a lot based on intuition and I try my best to listen to it when it comes calling. Most of the choices I've made as far as decorating our condo go have come to me while I'm out and about doing something entirely unrelated. When I get that idea though I have to rush home and act upon it! People that are sensing as opposed to intuitive like to pare down and minimize their spaces. Jonathan hasn't taken the test yet but I would be willing to bet he'll be sensing. Having both of us in the house has led to a very interesting design dynamic. I'm able to act intuitively while he helps pare things down and keep things very functional. 


I find Thinking and Feeling to be two very interesting personality traits, especially when it comes to home decor and especially when stacked up against introversion and extroversion. I am a feeler and an introvert, so although I like to be alone to recharge and don't go out of my way to create spaces in the house for my guests to have an extended stay I do care a lot about how others feel and I do want others to be comfortable and well cared for when they are in my space. Feelers often keep many amenities around like lots of tea or a coffee bar so that nobody is ever left out when it comes to their needs, I can definitely attest to this. However sometimes I do function a lot like a thinker in order to find solutions to design problems in the house. This could be something I picked up from Jon though, we'll see when he takes his test. 

Judging is not how it sounds, thank goodness! Judgers love routines, organizing, scheduling, and planning. The amount of planners and calendars I've collected over the years are probably the perfect example of this personality trait in me. I'm also a Container Store 'Pop-Star" reward member and there's nothing I love doing more to relieve stress than re-color coordinated my book shelves or closet! As a re-designer though I do sometimes swing a little in the perceivers direction. I'm not much of a free spirit but I am a firm believer in re-using what you have and I'm constantly re-arranging our spaces with items already around the house to create a new atmosphere. 


I highly recommend you take the test and see how your design style matches up with your personality, if anything it’s a ton of fun (and a little weird) to see how accurate it is! I can't wait to get Jonathan to take his test and see what it says about our design dynamic and how our different personalities have impacted the decor in our home!

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Lauren Murphy