In interior redesign my job is to look at what I’m already working with in a space and improve upon it. Not necessarily go out and buy new things to make the space better. I’ve failed to remember that recently in my own space and it pains me. It’s a fantastic concept really, that we can all benefit from. Purchase less and simply move around what we already have to create an entirely new atmosphere.

It can be so easy to get wrapped up in what's new and exciting at your local target, home goods, pottery barn, or IKEA. And don't get me wrong it's completely acceptable to welcome in new pillows and throws with each new season. You can often find these items for a steal and it feels good to refresh a room with some new textiles, it can also do wonders for a space. 

We've lived in our condo for about 3 years now and each spring or fall I find myself shifting my furniture around. Our couch is now in it's 3rd space in the family room. The same goes for our console tables and our tv has moved twice. Each time that I move things around and my space feels rejuvenated without having spent a dime I feel rejuvenated as well. 

It's hard in an age where we're all so connected all of the time, looking at everything that everyone else has. We follow influencers and brands and see all of the new cool things coming into stores every day. It's a constant flow of sponsored posts and must have products. 


I'm currently on a strict purchase detox. I'm not allowing myself to buy anything new for the house for 3 months, to start. It's rough for me. As someone who is in the design business I'm constantly exposed to new and exciting things on a daily basis, on and off of social media. Whenever I get the urge to go to Target, Home Goods or IKEA I've been trying something new. I simply sit down in a room of my house and I do an inventory of what's already there. It's usually my family room or office and I go through my books or my bins and evaluate what I have. This act of touching and holding and trying to rearrange the items I own often distracts my mind from the desire to go out and purchase new things. I'm reminded of what I have while I'm sifting through it, holding it, cleaning it or rearranging it. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to replace my bookshelves but after an afternoon of cleaning and recategorizing my books the shelves look clean and fresh again and my desire to replace them has diminished. 

Although I often share new and exciting things that I've found at my local stores, and in re-design I do sometimes have to freshen up a space with new throw pillows. I am on a mission to remember the real purpose and the real goal of my job. Re-design isn't about going to my local west elm and purchasing an entire set of bedroom furniture and accessories to give a room a new look. Re-design is exactly what I mentioned before, finding the beauty of what already exists in a space. Cleaning, tidying, minimizing and maximizing all at the same time in order to revitalize your home. 

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