Quick Flip Bedroom

So, last week I decided to cruise around my local Home Goods. (I'm sure we all know how this ends). I found some of my favorite DW brand candles, and then made my way through bedding, lighting, and then the wall art. As someone who practices intentional decorating and conscious consumerism I am a strong proponent of purchasing art from lesser known artists making a living honing their craft, or artwork from thrift or antique stores that has a mysterious past but admittedly every now and then I stumble upon something at Home Goods or Target that speaks to me. 

This particular trip I found two framed canvases of photographed bears. Jon and I both have a thing for bears and the canvases were the perfect size for over our bed. A space that I've struggled to fill for the last 3 years in our little abode. 

I brought them home and we both agreed that they should:

  1. Indeed go above the bed.
  2. He should get the grizzly bear and I should get the panda.
  3. The nightstands weren't going to work with them.

This is where the refresh came in. I've been wanting to replace that pair of Ikea nightstands since we moved in. They were dark, an artificial wood finish that looked fake and they had most certainly run their course. 

I knew I needed nightstands that matched both the frames over the bed and the other decor in the room while hopefully lightening up the space. Since I originally decorated the room the nightstands have always stood out but we never felt a connection to a pair that we saw that we could afford. Nothing fit the bill and even now I wondered how long it would take me to find a set that would speak to me.

The next day as I was picking up some essentials around Target I spotted a pair of "natural" wood side tables with brass knobs and marble tops. They were absolutely perfect. Upon further inspection their quality surprised me and at $89.00 a piece I could afford to grab them that day.

Something I'd thought about for awhile was that the traditional lights we had didn't match the Midcentury style brass tripod lamp we had on the opposite side of the room. I felt the need to go all in at this point, I didn't want to halfway re-do the space and I was confident that I'd be able to sell the lamps and the nightstands on craigslist to re-coop some of my money. (I did in fact sell them within a few days.)




I think that the nightstands did exactly what I needed them to do in order to tie the entire space together. There's a balance around our bed that I haven't felt before and It's something I'm extremely proud I accomplished. I'm really happy with the color of them and I think they go really well with the frames and with the other decor and furniture in the room. The marble tops really added some much needed femininity to the space and lightened it up immensely. The black lamps brought the black from our dresser on the other side of the room over as well as the tiny amount of brass on them. This impromptu change was a change we didn't know we needed in the space until it happened, I couldn't be more pleased!

Whether you own your home or rent your home it's important to ensure that the spaces you spend the most time in are comforting, relaxing, and rejuvenating for you. Whenever I'm making purchases for our home I'm conscientious and aware of the fact that we are renting, although I consider immediate needs I also consider the fact that we won't be in this space forever. With that thought in mind I try to make purchases that will be able to carry on to new spaces should we find ourselves in one in the near future. Keeping these things in mind when you're shopping is a good way to keep costs down while still finding pieces that resonate with you.  

Although we don't spend much of our waking hours in our bedroom we do still spend 8+ hours in there a night. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary, somewhere for you to go after a long day and unwind. A clean and calming space can benefit you whether you're conscious or not, try to think of your room as a space where you get to shed the weight of the day and welcome the possibilities that a new one has to offer each morning. Some quick tips if you're not in the place to "refresh" your space with purchases.

  1. Deep Clean. Although it's cold out crack the windows and get to work, vacuum, dust, and sweep under your bed, dressers, nightstands, and anything else you've got sitting on the surface.
  2. Minimize. I always think of decor in a space like putting jewelry on yourself before you go out. For every two things you put on take one thing off. The less clutter you have in your space the lighter you're going to feel.
  3. Organize. If something doesn't have a space for it to be put away in than it doesn't belong there. Much like minimizing, organizing will make your space much more refreshing, lighter, and easier to keep clean.
  4. Make your bed. Make your bed every single day when you wake up. This will make it a much more calming place to return to in the evening. A lot of people believe that the ritual of making your bed can lead to a much more productive day. Along the same lines, it helps to have fresh, matching sheets. Wash them regularly and replace them when they start to get dingy and worn down. (Same goes for pillows, experts suggest you replace your plain old pillow every 3 months!

We've been sleeping so well in this space since the changes were made and I don't think that's a coincidence. 


The total for this refresh including tax was $350. That Includes the art, lamps, and nightstands. If you can't find the artwork at your local Home Goods store, you can simply google shop "Kate and Laurel Sylvie" and you'll find tons of different animals and styles of these canvases at a lot of different stores, even target.com! They have almost all of his photographs with different frame options for you to choose from, they are however slightly more expensive than what I paid at Home Goods. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 2.13.54 PM.png