An Autumn Adventure


This past Monday we went on our yearly adventure to visit Terrain in Glen Mills, PA. It's about a 2.5 hour drive for us and always worth every minute of the trip. We typically venture up that way anytime between the start of fall and before Christmas. If you haven't visited any of Terrain's locations I highly recommend it.

In the fall they have endless and unique varieties of pumpkins and gourds arranged all around the nursery grounds, all of them are different and unique–certainly not your average pumpkin patch finds.  There are fire pits outside glowing with burning wood and smelling of autumn. If you get there just before Christmas their Winter Shop transforms the store into a magical winter wonderland display with elegant and dainty christmas lights, luxurious throws, richly scented candles and sparkly botanical themed Christmas tree ornaments. 

We always start our trips with brunch in the cafe–I recommend making a reservation because I've found it to be awfully busy all of the time. After 2.5 hours in the car there's nothing I want more than to eat a delicious meal and drink a tasty craft tea or coffee.

I had the Caramel Spiced Apple Cider and Cindy had the Apple Pie Chai Latte. For lunch I had the breakfast platter with two poached eggs, applewood smoked bacon, brioche toast, roasted potatoes and a fresh salad while Cindy enjoyed the Croque Madame! We always finish our meal with a fresh order of warm Apple Fritters and honey to dip them in. 


After eating and wandering around outside on the perfect fall day that we had we ventured inside to explore. Every lap I make around the store I find something new and exciting to stick in my basket. Every corner is impeccably decorated with pumpkins, ferns, and candles. It's so hard to decide on what to actually purchase that I can usually spend two hours exploring and contemplating my final haul. 

Stay tuned and I'll share with you mine and Cindy's final terrain finds and how we plan on incorporating them into our homes. 

Lauren Murphy